Jul 29

When All Your Friends Have Kids

Jul 27

Happy b33rday!! (at 33 Acres Brewing Company)

Happy b33rday!! (at 33 Acres Brewing Company)

Jul 25

at Nat Baily Stadium

at Nat Baily Stadium

Jul 19

The importance of storytelling -



Last night I was out for drinks with a friend of mine who runs an architecture firm in the city called Reflect Architecture. We started talking about the importance of marketing and storytelling in city building and then got onto the topic of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his firm

Jul 17


Jul 15

Athlete’s Village Housing Co-op gives MP Bélanger a warm welcome

On June 14, 2014, Mauril Bélanger, the MP for Ottawa-Vanier and the Liberal Advocate for Cooperatives visited Vancouver and tour several co-operatives, including the First Avenue Athlete’s Village Housing Co-operative, where I live.  The tour was organized by the British Columbia Cooperatives Association (BCCA).

Here is an excerpts of a post by the BCCA on Mauril’s visit: (more…)

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Jul 14

Jane Jacobs: Why Urban Planning’s Legendary Heroine is Famous for a Reason

Jul 13

Co-op Housing: An Affordable Option in Vancouver

Earlier this week, HuffPost British Columbia posted an article looking at co-operative housing as an affordable housing option in Vancouver. Here are few excerpts:

Co-op Housing In Vancouver Is The Affordable Option You Didn’t Know About

Lore Krill Housing Co-op

To most people, co-operative housing is a vague and often mistaken concept of communal bathrooms, residents with little to no income, and hippies with low…

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Jul 09

Vancouver Urbanist Meetup—July 2014

Vancouver Urbanist Meetup—July 2014

urbanFor July’s Vancouver Urbanist Meetup we are going to switch things up a bit.

Instead of heading indoors to another pub this month, we are going to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Vancouver urbanist extraordinaire, Neil Salmond has invited us over to his backyard for an urban picnic! Topics of discussion will include your favourite summer activities in the city. (more…)

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Jul 07

The super-linear relationship between human interactions and city size -



The MIT Senseable City Lab recently teamed up with a few other research groups to investigate the relationship between human interactions and city size. If you happen to be a member of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, you can download the full report here. But in true ATC…